The Commonwealth of Dominica offers an official and legally mandated economic citizenship to those seeking a valid second passport. The nationality law of Dominica authorises the government to waive the normal requirement of seven years of legal residence to acquire citizenship in exchange for a cash contribution.

Total costs excluding all fees for a single applicant are US$100,000, with a discount for additional passports for spouses and children. Alternatively, since 2014, applicants can make a US$200,000 real estate investment, in which case the cost of citizenship is US$50,000.

According to officials, the citizenship program was an economic and fiscal “lifeline” in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Erika, and its new investment option had become the main source of Foreign Direct Investment into Dominica by early 2016.

The Dominica passport holders can travel without a visa, or obtain a visa upon entry, to over 100 countries and territories, including the United Kingdom and the Schengen zone. Applying for Dominica citizenship requires interacting with official Government Approved Economic Citizenship Agents.

The government’s management of the economic citizenship program and a perceived lack of transparency in the use of the revenues generated are a frequent topic of heated domestic political controversy. Referring to the opposition, Prime Minister Skerrit in 2016 stated that “If they can discredit the Citizenship by Investment Program and make Dominica an unattractive place to obtain citizenship, then revenues would fall and the government would not be able to rebuild the country. Or, the government would then have to increase taxes on the people; making itself unpopular in their sight.” Lennox Linton, leader of the opposition United Workers Party, has stated that if elected, he would continue the citizenship program while making its operations more transparent.


With the document, it is possible to apply in the USA for an E-2 visa, processed in another four months and that gives the holder the right to reside in the country with spouse and children. You do not have to give up Brazilian citizenship to get the documents.

It is possible to obtain the citizenship of some Caribbean countries without ever visiting them: the investment is done at a distance, and the passport arrives by mail.

To get E-2, though, it is also necessary to invest in the US. Lawyers recommend a minimum spend of $ 100,000 to reduce the risk of rejection of the request.

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