Roman Empire

The Tanks were ennobled by Charles IV of the Holy Roman Empire (reign: 1346-78). The Tank family is the name of one or more Dano-Norwegian noble families of German origin. They were always experts in finance, many family members worked independently to manage the wealth of various kings, emperors and nobles.


Martin  Tank, since 1638 one of King Christian IV’s officers, was on 23 October 1643 confirmed as a member of the combined Danish and Norwegian nobility, and also received a coat of arms. Martin Tank was the Danish resident of The Hague. He was among the nobles who attended the 1660 meeting of the estates (Danish: stændermøde) in Copenhagen. At the end of his life, Tank was a councilor in the chamber of the Prince Elector of Saxony.

Eastern Norway

Carsten Tank, government minister and owner of the property where the Constitution of Norway was signed in 1814. Carsten Tank was a Norwegian businessman and politician. From 1790 he managed extensive commercial activities and created a specific fortune. He owned around 100 farms and lived in the Rød by Halden mansion.

The Dano-Norwegian Riksbank

In December 1813, Tank attended a meeting in Christiania to discuss the creation of a separate Norwegian bank. He was also presented at the Eidsvoll Notable Meeting on February 16, 1814, and on March 2 of the same year he became “a member of the Ministry of Finance” in the Government Council. Tank joined the Cabinet on May 17 and led the Ministry of Finance until his resignation in July. At the beginning of August 1814, during a war against Sweden, he was Karl Johan’s mediator during the armistice negotiations and conveyed, among other things, his armistice offer to Christian Frederik. Tank was a representative of the Storting in the period 1815-1816 and 1821-1822, in 1821 he was president of the Storting. He was hit hard by the economic crisis of the 1820s. Many family members begin to move to other countries and work independently.

The Americas

The Industrial Revolution began in the 18th century, when agricultural societies became more industrialized and urban. The transcontinental railroad, the cotton gin, electricity and other inventions permanently changed society. Bankers were the main source of financing for traders in this dynamic environment. With a strong and trustful family name. The Tanks started their lifespan in Europe as merchants, lending money to small businesses in Europe. Today, Tank Bank is a private bank and wealth management company based in New York. A business bank created and supported by entrepreneurs.