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Super Trike 360

Super Trike 360 is perfectly poised to take advantage of the worldwide potential of this market, with our unique, custom-built-to-order powered and unpowered tricycles for both adults and children.

What makes the SuperTrike 360 powered tricycles stand apart is the method by which the bikes are steered.

Instead of spinning a standard handlebar, the rider uses his or her whole body to turn the bike into extremely tight turns and 360 degree circles and if desired, at a high rate of speed.

The rider can use the tricycle entirely hands-free, using their feet to both pedal and steer. As others have experiences, it almost gives the sensa- tion of  ying along the ground!

Unlike standard bikes, the SuperTrike 360 can be operated even by the physically im- paired. The bike’s locomotion is achieved via an electric hub motor attached to the front wheel. The bikes assembled by SuperTrike 360 can be made to be driven on or off-road (dirt, gravel).

The inventor, Yehuda Beresnitsky is an accomplished engineer who has spent years build- ing, testing and perfecting his incredible tricycle design. Not just a builder, Yehuda can be seen actually riding through the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan on his invention.

Everywhere he goes, the public interest is overwhelming. On each and every outing he is inundated with questions and requests for purchase.

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