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Mr.William Tank from TanKorp (Tank Korporation), invited Mr. Myers to a meeting with the Brazilian Minister Eduardo Monteiro and the Consular Representative Mr. Thompson Van Agner at the Embassy of Brazil in Washington DC to present a new project: An Electric Car to be made in Brazil. The inicial idea is to establish the Electric Car Project installations in Limeira City, in the state of Sao Paulo.

Why Us?

Tesla is losing money on its EVs. GM, Nissan, Ford and every other company is losing money building electric cars. If you build the wrong kind of electric car, you too will lose money in electric cars.

Investors lost $1 BILLION on the Fisker Electric car when it went bankrupt. Investors lost $40 million on the Aptera EV when it went bankrupt. Investors lost over $125 million on CODA EV when it went bankrupt. If you try to use standard automotive manufacturing methods, you too will end up in bankruptcy.

Today’s Electric Cars cost more than 99% of consumers are willing to pay. Today’s Electric cars all lose money. If you want a chance at succeeding, you need a new way to build cars and a new kind of electric car to build.


    • We will Save you Time And Money:
    • 12 Years EV Experience
    • 2 Generations of EVs Years spent finding the right technologies / team to create an affordable EVwith extreme capital efficiency.

We are seeking to align ourselves with groups that have the ability to be successful in this large Brazilian car market. Why will you be successful with this breakthrough electric car and manufacturing technology that is so advanced no automaker has figured out how to use it (butwe have)?